Upshift Swap Shop

Madison, Wisconsin's Only Sustainable Swap Shop

We are Madison, Wisconsin's only clothing exchange boutique. We are 100% local and our inventory is 100% sustainable. What does that mean and how does it work?  All our garments and accessories are used goods brought in directly from our customer making the inventory sustainable.  Our clothing swap is totally simple and can be done in three easy steps (we like to think of it as buffet shopping!)

Option 1:

Step 1: Bring gently used items from home, empty your bags

Step 2: Fill your empty bags with amazing trends to take home

Step 3: Pay $30 to cover all your shopping

Option 2:

Fill a bag provided at the store with anything you want and pay $30

We always have extra inventory and bags on hand!

Individual items are $5 each


Wed-Fri: 12-4pm                     

Sat & Sun: 12pm-4pm


Small Biz Saturday

First Saturday after Thanksgiving

$5 off all day


Tune into FB or our Blog for daily updates on the amazing discounts

*We offer complimentary wine while you shop!

*All our fixtures are recycled or used- even our garbage cans came from Dig N' Save (yeah, maybe it's gross, but at least it's not in-the-landfill gross)

*All our mannequins are from others stores - we believe in reusing resources! (you'll recognize some from Forever 21 and Maurices)

*Franzia is our official mascot.  You will always see a box of it laying around and/or consumed out of a solo cup.

*We donate to local charities and thrift stores at least twice a week! 

(translation: we throw out all the stuff that isn't good enough for our customers).

*Our inventory is totally sustained!  What the hell does that mean? 

We never, ever have to go and buy product to add to inventory

*Our business model was turned down by 4 banks, we are funded entirely by the business (meaning what we have made was put right back into the business)

*We were open in a basement location for 2 years in the East side of Madison (our loyal customers know who they are., we’re here because of you!)


*We throw private parties upon request for a flat rate

(you can bring your own food and adult beverages).

UpShift Fall Photoshoot 2013

New Location Transformation

Shopping Tutorial in 15 Seconds Flat