Upshift Swap Shop

What is a clothing exchange?

An opportunity for women to shop for the most stylish, gently used garments on the sustainable market!

Option 1:
Upgrade your wardrobe in 3 easy steps:
1) drop your gently used garments at our clothing counter.
2) receive a shopping bag to fill with fashion items to bring home to your personal wardrobe.
3) pay $30 cover charge to cover ALL (seriously, put your wallet away after this step) cost for your shopping experience.

Option 2:

Fill a bag provided at the store with anything you want and pay $30

We always have extra inventory and bags!

How does the clothing exchange process work?
Clean out your closet and bring up to 3 bags of gently used, high quality clothing, pay the $20 cover charge, and you are welcome to take as many items as you bring in for an even exchange; bring a bag, take a bag.

What type of garments should I bring?
Use your inner fashionista and ask yourself if it's cute? If it is, we'll take it! 

We accept:
-Gently used items
-High quality garments (we'll take low quality as long as it's cute!)
-Designer and namebrand pieces (it doesn't have to be designer but if it is...we'll take it!)
-Sizes 0-30
-Accessories and jewelry (we are desperately seeking accessories and jewelry)
-Shoes - all sizes
-Soft goods (scarves, hats, and bags)

We do not accept:
-Dirty or torn garments (unless it is intentionally part of the design)

Why is there a cover charge?
Think of it as "buffet shopping".  You pay at the counter and get to fill up (without taking out your wallet the rest of your visit). The cover charge is a flat fee paid before swapping your garments to cover the cost for an even exchange of all garments. Take your new duds and run!

What is considered an even exchange?
An even exchange is exactly what it sounds like. If you bring a bag of gently used items, you leave with a bag of new duds! If you bring one garment or accessory, you leave with one garment or accessory. It's that simple! The space is replenished daily with a fresh assortment to choose from. Each time you visit it's guaranteed there are new items to choose from!

Even exchange does NOT mean you must exchange a shirt for a shirt or a necklace for a necklace. This is an opportunity to update your wardrobe as you see fit. If you bring in a bag of garments but choose to fill your bag with a pair of shoes, two necklaces, and a pair of pants that is considered an even exchange! A bag for a bag. We want this to be a fun experience for all guests and allowing you to create a new wardrobe is part of the fun!

Do you accept credit cards?
We accept cash and plastic

What if I don't find anything I want?
Impossible!  We've been around for years and every. single. customer. has left with a bag full.  If by some chance you can't find anything just let one of our employees know and they will give you a coupon for your next visit.  Sadly, we can't give you back your clothing donation but we will definitely make sure you leave with a guarantee for a GREAT next visit.

Can I host a private party?
We host private parties in our clothing boutique for an affordable flat rate. The boutique is sustainable with a very posh, urban ambiance. The venue is intimate and can accommodate up to 20 women. An added bonus is that we allow outside food, which saves the host catering fees. Our boutique is an exclusive space that allows women to exchange trendy, high quality clothing to update their wardrobes.